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The Story of Todayist

In 2019 Jessica (a busy full-time consultant and mom) was looking for a way to better organize her day. After lots of research, she hacked together a daily planning flow that combined zen meditation, a handwritten plan, and micro activities to stay connected to her goals. The process immediately increased her clarity and sense of purpose, but required either carrying around a heavy notebook or relying on an uneditable photo.

A few months later, during a rare day off, lightning struck – why not recreate the process in a portable mobile app? In her spare time Jessica began wireframing, then prototyping, and then prototyping some more.

Folks took interest. Friends, colleagues, and strangers shared how they organized their days (outside of work and grocery lists). They rattled off the seemingly endless list of apps and planners and techniques they’d tried, then dropped. Nothing was sustainable – solutions were either too narrow, too rigid, or too cumbersome to use.

After seeing the early prototypes, almost everyone then asked how they could help bring Todayist to life so they could use it. Then 2020 arrived… and we all know what happened from there. The need for Todayist was even stronger.

With creative bootstrapping, an unswerving north star, lots of elbow grease, and support from a phenomenal circle of thought partners, strategic advisors, and early UX testers, the first chapter of Todayist launched in December 2020.

The Todayist Difference

Take life one day at a time.

Todayist flips the script on how to build healthy habits. Tired of trying to fit that 45 minutes of whatever into a crazy day, and the stress / guilt when it doesn’t happen? Todayist helps you find realistic and flexible ways to fit your goals into each unique day - so you can make sustainable progress, build momentum, and feel better about your life.

Personalized micro-activities to keep goals alive.

After you pick your goals (e.g., “Get stronger”, “Cook more”, “Be more tidy”) Todayist offers personalized suggestions to help you stay inspired. Don’t have time for the Peloton ride? No problem, we’ve got your back with customized micro suggestions so you can still make progress. (Of course, you can always add your own custom activities.)

A swiss army knife for self-care.

Todayist combines all the ingredients of a great day in one simple, intuitive app. It creates space to reconnect with your goals, identify each day’s most important tasks, practice with daily mindsets, reflect on your day, and even take mini breaks for mindfulness.

Built for busy adults.

Unlike many apps that assume you’ve got full autonomy over your theoretical “free” time, Todayist is designed from the ground up for folks who juggle multiple roles. So you can finally find a flexible way to fit in all of those important (but non-urgent) things that keep getting pushed to the back-burner.

Always glad you came.

Who wants to open an app again the day after they broke a streak? Not us. Todayist is built to meet you wherever you’re at, right now - good day or bad day, whether you last opened the app yesterday, last week, or last month.

Meet Our Founder

Jessica Devine

A former Bain consultant turned tech-for-good product leader, Jessica founded Todayist to help busy people be happier.

Jessica started in finance and management consulting where she focused on making organizations more productive. After her son was born, she pivoted to social impact, leveraging technology to scale for-good initiatives. Her work has ranged from launching personalized learning technology to partnering with Foundations to inventing the birthday fundraiser for Facebook (which raised over $300M for non-profits in its first year alone).

Nowadays Jessica is focused on scaling Todayist and deepening how Todayist improves people’s day-to-day lives. She is committed to promoting equity and is a dedicated mentor to up-and-coming students, as well as an advisor to multiple non-profits.

Jessica is forever grateful to Santa Monica Community College for offering a two-point-something high school graduate with a 4th grade math education a gateway to opportunity. While firmly believing that degrees are in no way a measure of a person’s abilities, she also happens to have a BA from the University of Southern California and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

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