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Jessica Devine

A former Bain consultant turned tech-for-good product leader, Jessica founded Todayist to help busy people be happier.

Jessica started in finance and management consulting where she focused on making organizations more productive. After her son was born, she pivoted to social impact, leveraging technology to scale for-good initiatives. Her work has ranged from launching personalized learning technology to partnering with Foundations to inventing the birthday fundraiser for Facebook (which raised over $300M for non-profits in its first year alone).

Nowadays Jessica is focused on scaling Todayist and deepening how Todayist improves people’s day-to-day lives. She is committed to promoting equity and is a dedicated mentor to up-and-coming students, as well as an advisor to multiple non-profits.

Jessica is forever grateful to Santa Monica Community College for offering a two-point-something high school graduate with a 4th grade math education a gateway to opportunity. While firmly believing that degrees are in no way a measure of a person’s abilities, she also happens to have a BA from the University of Southern California and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Engineering Partners

We got lucky on the dev front! From day one the CleverCrew team have been full thought partners, going far, far beyond a list of requirements to help make Todayist a seamless, intuitive experience.
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Tonya Yemelianova

Lead Developer

Evgeniy Mikhaylov

Mobile Developer

Andrii Hordiienko

Mobile Developer

Dimitri Kiryukhin

QA Engineer

Extended Team

We’re grateful to partner with phenomenal talent from around the globe.

Eric Marcoullier

Startup & Product Advisor

Hamza Waqar

All Things website

Neil Salumbides

App design

Adam Morris

Psychology PhD at Harvard


As part of our committment to doing good, our apprenticeships offer real-world experience, mentoring, and professional development. The majority of our apprentices come to us through FLIK, a platform that connects female founders with the next generation of womxn.

Isabelle Imoru

Summer 2020

Diane Li

Summer 2020

Chrissy Diec

Summer 2020

Penolopie David

Summer 2020

Allyson Marks

Summer 2020

Jenisa Caban

Summer 2020

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